On June 28, 2013 a lightening strike ignited the Yarnell Hill Fire. The fire took the lives of 19 firefighters and destroyed 127 homes in the communities of Yarnell and Peeples Valley. From the ashes of the deadliest wildfire in Arizona history rose Yarnell Hill Recovery Group, an all volunteer community organization created as a living memorial to those who lost their lives that day.
This month Gethrr will be contributing funds to the YHRG Community Garden Project. In the wake of last year’s disaster Yarnell has committed to becoming more self-sufficient. When the local grocery store closed down earlier this year the Garden built several greenhouses to offer fresh produce on a year-round basis. Gethrr will aid this effort with a monetary donation to build a new efficient compost system which will produce a greater yield and require fewer man hours to cultivate. This small, but crucial step will keep more dollars in Yarnell and bolster it’s economy with the sale of local produce. Thanks to the dollar a month contributions of Gethrr members the resilient community of Yarnell continues grow stronger.


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