Facing a serious medical condition can shake you to your core, but when a loved one is struck with tragedy the helplessness can be almost too much to bear. For Betty Canney both were true. The support of family is critical to recover from life’s toughest challenges, and Gethrr is proud to be able to cover 30 days of housing expenses to help a mother struggling with skin cancer to care for her son who was severely burned. Below Betty recounts in her own words what happened, the progress made, and the ongoing recovery.

My name is Betty Canney, I live in New Hampshire. On 9/7/15 around 9 p.m. I received a call telling me that my son Travis Bartlett had been admitted to Via Christi St. Francis hospital in Wichita, Kansas with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. I wanted to jump on the next plane. After numerous calls and talking to doctors here, they convinced me to take care of my health issue before being here for him.

I had been diagnosed with melanoma on my back and had surgery on 7/14/15, but not enough of the margin had been taken so I had a 2nd surgery scheduled for 9/10/15 which I hesitantly did with the result of 31 stitches down my back.

I did my first follow-up on September 17th, but told my doc that I had to get to my son, no matter what….I flew in with my son on the 21st.

To my understanding these are the events that led up to my son being here, relived by his boss/friend: They were clearing/cutting some trees off a farm in Grant County, Oklahoma. They were servicing their chainsaws in a shed/garage. My son’s wouldn’t start right away, so after numerous attempts it did but the chain hit the concrete which created a spark. Apparently, his bosses gas can was on fire, my son saw it and knocked him down to get the can away…….next thing the boss says is he turned around and saw my son engulfed in flames. He pulled him outside and they rolled. 911 was called and he was instructed on how and what to do for him until they arrived, they were 35 miles away. Travis was conscious when the ambulance arrived, and was able to give his name, mention wanting his mom and asked them to make it stop hurting. He has been here since. He has had numerous skin graph surgeries.

Some donor, cadaver, and pigskin have been used to help in his recovery. He has had some good results and not so good. He is very susceptible to infections and all the other hazards of not having skin to protect his body.


Travis 2



We wish Betty and Travis a successful recovery and hope they can lean on each other in this difficult time. A big thanks to the Gethrr community for the continued support, as our numbers grow so does our ability to make a difference.



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