Hello Friends,

Melissa and I have been waiting to this day for almost a year and a half.  There has been so many ups and downs but we’re so grateful to be at this moment.  We’re also grateful for all of those who’ve helped us along the way.  Melissa and I thank all of those wonderful people from the bottom of our hearts.  We’re humbled by your willingness to help.

So what is Gethrr?  We’re a community inspiring good and bringing together people to help those in need.  We make giving and doing good a part of our everyday lives.  If you haven’t had the chance to check out our video please do so now on our home page.  This will give you some more information!

Though we feel like victors for having come this far, we have much further to go.  Our initial goal is to grow our community to 1,500 people.  Lofty goal, right?  We know!  We’ve chosen this number because it will allow us to consistently do monthly projects which are a HUGE part of Gethrr.  Once we reach 1,500 members we will be able to do our next project.  You can find more information about what that is here.

So we ask you for help.  Will you be part of our community?  Will you take the pledge to make our world better one act of kindness at a time?  Will you help spread the word about Gethrr?  To make it easier feel free to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Michael McManus


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