This month we continue to remember the Nepal earthquake of April 2015, the aftermath, and the continuing relief. The earthquake killed more than 8,800 people and injured over 23,000. Hundreds of thousands more were left homeless with entire villages along the Himalayas completely torn apart.

That’s the big picture, painted in broad strokes. What you can’t see in those numbers is the compassion of complete strangers and the resilience of the Nepalese people.




Here is Sabitri. She lost her 13-year-old daughter in the earthquake. Her family’s house was destroyed, and now the government claims the land it was on no longer belongs to them. Property in Nepal is essentially all a person’s wealth, and in the rubble they lost everything.

Sabitri was also severely injured in the earthquake and needed surgery to have a steel rod placed in her leg.  All medical services are paid for directly by the patient here, there is no insurance. Now, Sabitri needs a second operation.

That’s how we are able to help. The family is going to use Gethrr’s donation for Sabitri’s operation and to buy building supplies to make a small home on the property of a nearby relative.

Seeing what Gethrr’s dollar donations can do for Sabitri’s family and others gives us a glimpse of the ever-present kindness of strangers and the strength of the human spirit. While the April 2015 Nepal earthquake is an absolute tragedy it also rallied countries across the globe to donate hundreds of millions and people everywhere to offer their time, money, and support.

The Gethrr family is proud to contribute to this lesser known, but more meaningful side of the story. The side that supports the courage of people in need and proves we all want to help. What we can offer really does make a difference, to Sabitri’s family and many others.

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