We’re so excited to be working with The Jared Box Project!  Not only are we doing some serious good but we’re getting the help of some fantastic little helpers too.

The goal of the Jared Box Project is to lift the spirits of chronically ill children.  The boxes symbolize the importance of play and are filled with well wishes, hope, and love.

So what’s a Jared Box?  A Jared Box is a shoebox size plastic storage box filled with small gifts, toys, cards, and games.  The boxes will be delivered to CHOP and are given to chronically ill children.  The Jared Boxes provide a special diversion for young patients as they receive chemotherapy and other medical treatments.

The Project:  We will be providing 14 Jared Boxes to 14 wonderful children!  We will be partnering with a local girl scouts troop to make this happen.  We have 14 girls in the troop ages 6-8 each making one box for a girl their age.  

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