The Community Food Cupboard at People’s Emergency Center (PEC) has succeeded in helping friends and neighbors through tough times. Many down on their luck, between jobs, or struggling to feed their families have come to the Food Cupboard to see a friendly face and keep food on the table. The PEC invites young and involved neighbors to work at the Food Cupboard and develop relationships with the regulars to create a friendly environment for all who walk through its doors.

The Project:
The Food Cupboard is committed to its promise to offer nutritious meals to the community, but over the past few months their cupboards have emptied out quicker than before.  Our donation of non-perishable foods will help them keep that promise. We’re also taking the PEC up on their offer and volunteering our time to bag and hand out food.  Join us anytime between 9:30am-1pm, Saturday, October 18th at PEC’s Rowan House . If you’d like to donate your time please email us at

P.S. Megan Lemieur from PEC wanted to pass this message along to our community:

“Thank you for keeping your ear to the ground for ways to give back. We appreciate it and so will many others. Remember that a full belly aids a sharp brain, which creates good work done in this world.”


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