Our first project was to give a wheelchair ramp to the Browne family for their 4 year old son Aiden.  I was fortunate enough to hook up with David Myers from 101 Mobility of Great Philadelphia.  He knew this family and also wanted to help them.  Aiden has a myriad of health issues that confines him to a wheelchair.  The Browne family lives in a bi-level home and it’s incredibly difficult to move Aiden in and out with the steps.  David gave me their phone number.

It was a weekday evening at about 9pm when I called Aiden’s father, Adrian.  Talk about a genuine and kind hearted man.  I will never forget that phone call.  We talked for about 30 minutes from father to father.  His and Zipporah’s, Aiden’t mother, love was overwhelming.  After speaking with Adrian I knew we had to help.

This is what Gethrr is about.  It’s about people.  It’s community.  It’s us helping each other.  And the feeling I have in my heart from helping this family is a feeling I’ve never felt before.  And here we are, at just the very beginning of our journey together.


Browne Famiy 01

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