Gethrr is looking for runners, volunteers, and do-gooders for The Superhero Showdown Race on June 16 at the Norristown Farm Park. This event is the first major fundraiser for Super T’s Mast Destruction Foundation, a non-profit organization providing medical and living expenses to those living with the rare disease Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD).

Super T’s Mast Destruction Foundation was recently started in honor of King of Prussia resident, Taylor Nearnon, who lives with MCAD. Once an athlete training for the junior Olympic soccer team, MCAD has left Taylor wheelchair-bound. At age 19, Taylor battles constant anaphylaxis – serious allergic reactions that have caused cardiac arrest, and require her to undergo chemotherapy and 24-hour Benadryl, and a feeding tube.


Taylor dreams of helping other young adults with this rare disease. With your help, Gethrr believes we can do just that.


We’ve listed several ways to become involved in The Superhero Showdown Race below. To sign up to run please go HERE.  To see what other volunteering opportunities are please go HERE!

1) Sponsor or Donate: We are looking for corporate sponsors who love to get involved and give back to the community.  Attached is our Sponsorship Application along with a race flyer.  If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring or donating, please apply before 5/25 so we can have your logo included on the race shirts (see below).  If you sponsor or donate, you can put coupons/marketing materials in our race packets, be listed on our website and social media as sponsors, have a vendor table, and have your logo on the back of our awesome shirts.
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2) Volunteer: We have tons of fun opportunities to volunteer before and during the race.  See what would be the best fit for you and your coworkers:  If you do a water station, you guys can have your own theme:)
3) Race: Put on a cape and come walk or run on race day – Saturday, 6/18 at the beautiful Norristown Farm Park, or you can do the virtual race on your own before 6/11 and still get your T-Shirt and medal. Costumes are NOT required, but are encouraged and sure make for great photos!  There will be lots of prizes and ones for best costume as well!  Wheelchairs and strollers welcome for the 1-mile race.
Make sure to sign up soon to guarantee your incredible race medal, from the company who does the Boston Marathon ones!
Like Nike always says – Just Do It!
4) Get geared up: Don’t have a costume or cape?  We’ve got you covered – order from a large selection from the store on our site and pick it up on race day.  Capes are only $15 and come in adult and kid sizes.  Bonus – the kids capes come with a free mask.  All proceeds from the capes go to Super T’s Mast Destruction Foundation. Shop here:
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4) Spread the word: 
  1. Please like the Superhero Showdown Race on Facebook!
  2. Share the race with your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers on Facebook, via email and in person. Tell them to use the $5 off code: CapesAreCool
  3. Dress up like a superhero, and create a video challenging your friends to “Throwdown at the Superhero Showdown” for MCAD awareness on 6/18.  If they’re not hero enough to do it, they can donate to the organization instead at  Make sure to post this video to Facebook, tag the friends you’re challenging and include #ThrowdownAtTheSuperheroShowdown, #ShareIfYouDare, #CapesAreCool   Bonus points for doing anything superhero related in your video, i.e. leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

Everyone needs a hero, but those living with MCAD need the support of Superheroes like you and me. I dare you to get involved! And I double-dog dare you bring your friends along. You won’t be disappointed.

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