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This month, over a dozen teens in south central Indiana are facing homelessness, and need our help.

Gethrr is calling for contributions to the emergency assistance fund for Stepping Stones, Indiana’s premiere transitional housing and support service for homeless youth.  The need is urgent – Stepping Stones must receive immediate financial relief in order to renew their lease and keep the facility open. Your donation can help secure housing for vulnerable, homeless youth today.

Stepping Stones provides safe housing, in-depth case management and life skills to south central Indiana’s homeless youth. The need for Stepping Stones is great – the program operates in a county where over 300 youth are reported homeless and is the only program of its kind in the area. Every year, Stepping Stones’ young residents work towards stability and success in areas such as education, attaining health coverage and employment.

Today, changes in federal funding threaten to close Stepping Stones and evict the program’s youth residents. “These young people need us,” says Executive Director Alysia Fornal, “If we do not garner the needed assistance, vulnerable youth will be forced into homelessness or unstable housing. Every dollar counts at this critical time.”

Gethrr also believes in making every one of of our community’s dollars count. We are urging the community to make an immediate, positive impact on the lives of these needing youth. Donations to the emergency assistance fund will keep Stepping Stones operational, provide housing for their current residents and enable to program to secure a long-term, stable funding solution.

For more information and to donate, please visit
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