This project was a success!!  We’re so grateful to have had a part in helping keep Stepping Stones open!  Alysia, the executive director, wrote this to us.

“ I sincerely thank you for your membership to Gethrr, which has provided Stepping Stones funding at this critical time.  Because of your membership, Stepping Stones has garnered the amount of support needed to keep our doors open to the homeless youth ages 16-20 that we serve.   Just a week ago I was considering the reality that we may have to close our doors, and displace our residents to homelessness or unstable housing.  I had teary-eyed conversations with our residents discussing their ‘Plan B’ option if we were to close our doors on July 15th.   As the Executive Director, I will tell you the expedited and flexible fashion of Gethrr’s structure is extremely valuable.  I got to speak with the founder and president, Michael McManus, only 2 business days after submitting my project.  A week later, I had funds available for use.  This is nearly unheard of in the nonprofit world, and can truly be lifesaving.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-Alysia Fornal, Executive Director, Stepping Stones

Thank you so very much to each one of our members for being a part of this community.  You’re making a real difference!

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