We’re going to hedge our bets here and say you, dear reader, have some exposure to social media, internet news sources, television, or even printed papers. If any of that statement applies to you, then we’re also going to assume somewhere in the midst of your news gathering travels, you’ve stumbled upon information related to the protests in North Dakota to protect and preserve Native American water sources and sacred grounds in light of the looming threat of the Dakota Access Pipeline. After a grueling effort by protestors to protect these grounds, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced they would deny an easement to build the pipeline – a massive victory for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and those protestors supporting them. However, the fight is far from over. Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the project, announced they were committed to ensuring there would be no re-routing and with the Trump presidency looming, the indigenous victory may be short lived.

This is not meant to be an inherently political statement. As part of our ongoing commitment to helping communities in times of need, Gethrr is committed to standing with Standing Rock and offering support. The Oceti Sakowin Camp is a unified encampment of Water Protectors who are dedicated to protecting their land and water against the DAP. Click to learn more about Oceti Sakowin Camp.  They list among their values “assuring the welfare of all people by honoring human rights, treaties, agreements, and cultures.” Their goal is to “peacefully and prayerfully defend their rights, and to sustain Mother Earth and her inhabitants.” If you are reluctant to support these people, their families, and their culture, please allow yourself to imagine a world in which someone threatened to extinguish your home and everything you held most dear.

As part of our effort to support the rights of indigenous people, Gethrr would like to donate a months worth of donations to this wonderful organization.  They are the ones the ground and in the action and we want to help them get through the winter.

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