In 2013 I had an idea. In my experience of the nonprofit world, donations, and impact I thought there could be a better way. A way to connect people to their donation’s use. A way to simplify the process. A way to give locally and a way that would even the playing field, allowing everyone to donate and make a difference. A way that gave no excuse for how much money or time you had. A way that if enough people got behind, could become something big and impactful, changing the lives of those on each end. That was the seed that became Gethrr. It’s been incredibly difficult to get Gethrr to where it is now but also immensely gratifying.

Unfortunately, we’ve taken Gethrr as far as we can and believe it’s now time to move on. We’ll continue to do a few more projects and share them on the blog.

While we haven’t met our grand goals, we have met the needs of others. And for that, I’m grateful. We’re also so grateful to have had the opportunity to give back in so many unique ways. We’re grateful to have met so many people with giving hearts.

Thank you to our board members for sticking with us over the past 5 years. Your input, guidance, and encouragement was crucial to the success we’ve had.

Thank you to all our members present and past. We couldn’t have made the impact we did without you.

Thank you to all those who allowed us to help them. We cannot express how grateful we are to have been able to play our small role in your lives and to show you that people care.

While Gethrr is winding down, we’ll never stop giving back and helping others. This organization has changed me personally for the better. I’m looking forward to our next adventure in giving back!

With love,
Michael McManus

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