The community of Isla Tigre, a small island off the coast of Panama, is home to roughly 400 Ngobe people. The Ngobe are considered to be the most impoverished of all indigenous people in Panama.

Here’s a map of Isla Tigre.

Isla Tigre


On Isla Tigre, most of the families gather their water from creeks. Creeks become contaminated easily because there are very few bathrooms available and surface water is contaminated by human waste.

For this project we’re partnering with Hydromissions to train local Ngobe men  has trained local on how to drill borehole wells to access safe drinking water and provided them with the drilling equipment.  Ultimately, we both would love to see each family have access to a water well where they can drink and cook with safe water.  This project is a step in the right direction.  To learn more about the work being done, please visit


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