For this project we used your $1’s to buy supplies to fill Jared Boxes.  What’s a Jared Box?  A shoebox sized plastic box filled with small gifts, cards, games, and toys.  The goal of the Jared Box Project is to lift the spirits of chronically ill children.  The Jared Boxes provide a special diversion for young patients as they receive chemotherapy and other medical treatments.

Each box is made for a specific age and gender.  In this case, 6-8 year old girls.  We were thrilled to have a local girl scouts troop (Troop 702!) help us fill and decorate the boxes.   This worked out perfectly because their theme this month is making the world a better place.  Speaking with the girls about what we’re doing and why was wonderful.  They really understood how fortunate they are and how much they could help another little girl.

We also asked each of the girls a few questions about this project.  We’d like to share some of their answers with you.



The Jared Box Project 02

The Jared Box Project 01The Jared Box Project 03 The Jared Box Project 04

What was your favorite part of making these boxes?

Isabella: ” Putting the butterfly on the box. The girl who gets my box will like that”.

The Jared Box Project 05 The Jared Box Project 06 The Jared Box Project 07How does making a Jared Box feel, knowing you are helping a little girl your age?

Ally- “It makes me feel happy”

Julia- “It makes me feel good, happy, and nice”

The Jared Box Project 08


What do you hope the little girl feels when she opens your Jared Box?

Katherine- “I hope she feels really really happy”

Grace- “Happy and so surprised”

Kendal- “Happy and loved”

The Jared Box Project 10If you could tell those girls one thing, what would it be?

Bella- “We made them with love”

Ava- “You are beautiful”

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Karen Biddle
May 8, 2014
Love this idea and all these girls are absolutely beautiful~awesome job girls and troop leaders~~
May 12, 2014
So, so, so amazing all of you! I love the idea of Jared Boxes. Good job girls!