This was one of our most gratifying projects in 2017. It’s been on our minds and our hearts since last year, and we decided to repeat it since it was so impactful for the homeless community. We’re excited to be working with our partner Davis Painting.

We replicated the process that we used last year, our goal is to create at least 60 winter kit backpacks. Each backpack contained: A letter of encouragement, heat reflective blanket, 1 pair of gloves, hat, scarf, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of hand warmers, 2 pairs of toe warmers, wet hand wipes, 6 different snacks, 2 mini bottles of water, and 2 gallon sized ziplock bags to keep items dry.

This winter has been unforgiving. Absolutely frigid temperatures, a fair amount of winter precipitation, ice, etc. Many of us take our basic amenities for granted- our home, our heat, our bed, even our clothing. Imagining what it must be like to brave the extreme elements, unprepared, most likely hungry… it’s heartbreaking. We hope these kits provide essentials that can make the harsh reality of homelessness a little less sharp. We hope they can inspire some warmth (both literally and figuratively). We hope they help these folks to feel loved, and cared for, and seen.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when giving- thinking “This is not enough” or “I should do more”. This feeling often causes people to not give at all because they feel like their contribution wouldn’t even make a difference. The truth is, you should always do what you can. Even though we can’t possibly help every homeless person, or magically meet all of their needs, we can do SOMETHING. And showing up where you can, when you can is what really counts. That’s what Gethrr is all about.  If you’d like to donate anything additional to this project please reach out at!

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