For this being a last minute projects, we’re thrilled with how much we were able to provide for local families.  The list of families in need of school supplies at the beginning of this project was 220, by the end it was about 300.  In the end we were able to give about 70 book bags and 74 USB drives which were the top priority.  To list a few other things, of the many we collected, we had 84 folders, 78 sharpie markers, 127 pens, 40 notebooks, 188 mechanical pencils, 538 #2 pencils, 127 dry erase markers, 99 glue stick, and so so much more!

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Thank you to the Daily Bread Community Food Pantry in Collegeville for connecting us with these families and helping distribute the supplies.  We’re excited to work together more in the future!  And a huge thank you to all our members for continuing to give and be a part of this community.  It’s means so much to us as well as those we all help with each project.

Gethrr collects school supplies for over 200 local families!

Here we are with a car full of supplies right before we unloaded it.  The food pantry people were thrilled with how much we were able to give!

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