This fall, Gethrr teamed up with Hydromissions to provide a clean, safe drinking water to the Ngobe people in Isla Tigre, Panama. Considered the most impoverished of all the indigenous people in Panama, the Ngobe were previously limited to gathering surface water at contaminated creeks.

Together with local Ngobe men, our team successfully drilled a new borehole well and installed piping to give clean water access to several homes.

Now in times of drought, this one well could serve a 100 people – nearly quarter of the entire Ngobe population. In addition, this project provided the Ngobe community with the training and equipment needed to independently develop more wells in the future.

Safe drinking and cooking water will greatly reduce the community’s risk of water-borne diseases. We are fortunate that the well has great flow and will produce a significant amount of water – day and night – for years to the Ngobe people.



Here is the photo of the well.  You are looking at the PVC tube well casing and the men who drilled it as well as the bailer bucket used to retrieve the water.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to help the Ngobe people and thankful to all of our members for making this all possible.

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