On Saturday, April 8th, Gethrr partnered with Love for the Elderly and a mother-daughter team of kindness ambassadors (awesome, dedicated volunteers for their organization). They passed out nearly 100 bags filled with sunshine at a nursing home called St Nicholas’ residence  in NYC, where many seniors are far away from family and may not receive the love nor appreciation they deserve: just going up to each of the residents, sparking up a conversation with them and making them smile by giving them fun little tropical-themed goodies to brighten their days, such as tropical teas and floral leis! The director said afterwards that the seniors would be smiling and chatting for weeks on end about this, and some of the seniors cried from this simple gesture. It was a touching experience for all those involved.

The next time you see a senior alone, or even your grandparents if you’re lucky enough to have them around, talk to them.  Show them some love, it means far more than most realize.

Jacob, from Love for the Elderly made a video talking about this project.  Check it out!

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