You may recall meeting Kieran, the three-year old boy diagnosed with cancer in the fall. We told you how his treatment would impact his health and his family and asked for your help. Kieran needed the best care possible to beat cancer and the best care comes at a price that can be as crippling as the disease.

We asked and you answered. We recently got an update from Kieran’s mom and wanted to share it with you (below).

She shares that Kieran recently completed his treatment regimen and the disease has affected every aspect of Kieran and his family’s life, physically and emotionally. But looking forward and striving for a healthier future, Kieran is finished with chemo, his hair is growing back and he’s starting to gain weight. While the Walsh family will continue to dread scan days and the memory of this time will surely not fade for many years, we’re relieved to hear that Kieran and his family are on the road to recovery.

Thank you to everyone who helped make a real difference in Kieran’s life. We want to emphasize that your contributions have an immediate and dedicated impact on someone in need of the help. For Kieran, the treatment he received is the first step to giving this child the childhood he deserves – full of fun and adventures, learning and playing, and soaking up all of his youth. We’re all rooting for you Kieran and look forward to seeing you grow up and achieve so much.


I find myself writing you this letter about 3 months later than I would have liked.  Life is just starting to get into a routine again since Kieran’s treatment regimen has come to an end.  I just want you to know how much your love and support has meant to our family during this horrific time.  Childhood cancer has affect EVERY aspect of our lives.  It has affected Kieran both physically and emotionally.  It has take its toll on our other children, our marriage, even our dogs.  As we begin to rebuild ourselves and our family, we are able to reflect on these last nine months and those who have been most generous to use with love, prayers and support.
We finished chemo!  Kieran’s hair has started to grow back!  He has started to gain weight again and his port has been removed.  I find myself hoping and praying that this nightmare is over for us and the physical healing can continue and the emotional healing can begin.  Scan days will be the worst, as the nervous energy will be palpable.  Our first set showed no disease and we are oh so thankful for that.  Our next is August 2nd at CHOP.  Please continue to hold us in your thoughts and prayers as it has meant so much to us knowing that we have such an incredible organization standing along side us.
Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, love, and incredibly generous donation.  It allowed us to not stress about the financial burdens, but to focus on beating this horrible disease that should never be allowed to interfere with childhood.  Kieran was a trooper.  Through the nausea, vomiting, mouth sores, hair loss, weight loss and muscle pain, all he wanted was to be a kid.  He wanted to play, to be included.  Even when he couldn’t even sit up because he was so tired, he would force himself to engage in a game, book, or “superheroes.”  He is our little warrior.  Fighting cancer with a 3 year old boy has been an experience.  One that I don’t wish on anyone, but one that has taught us all many lessons. 
The biggest one?  Love… our family is loved.  Our little boy is loved.  And God loves us.  Thank you, Gethrr, for being a testament to that!
Kevin, Rebecca, Maya, Seamus, Kieran, and Leah Walsh.

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