Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  We’re excited to be sharing our Honey’s Angels project with you.

We were fortunate enough get paired with a family of 15 who without your help wouldn’t have had a Thanksgiving dinner.  Myself, Melissa and our daughters had the opportunity to deliver the food to this family.  You’ll notice that we don’t have images of the family as we wanted to respect their privacy. You will get to see, however, some behind the scenes pictures!

Thank you Gethrr community for giving a wonderful family a lovely Thanksgiving dinner!

Below Cathy, founder of Honey’s Angels, would like to share a little bit.


When Michael McManus, founder of Gethrr with his wife Melissa, approached me about working with Honey’s Angels on their charitable project for November, I took to the Internet to see what Gethrr was all about. And immediately, I liked what I learned about this “community of givers connected to improve, inspire and impact positive change in the world.” These givers are exactly the kind of people who have made it possible for Honey’s Angels to serve more than 1,500 families in nine years. And giving is one of the best ways to describe Honey, the awesome lady who inspires the work of Honey’s Angels every day.

I conceived of Honey’s Angels in 2006, just a few short months after my mom—Helen “Honey” McVey—lost her brave battle against lung cancer. Although devastated and broken, I knew that I needed to carry on my mom’s legacy in a big way. Honey, as her name indicates, was a sweet, simple woman who spent most of her life in a tiny Philadelphia row home. She was a devoted wife, mother and grandmother; a devout Catholic; a caring neighbor; a gracious host; a generous friend; a reliable listener; a superior homemaker (cooking, cleaning, ironing—she was a master of it all). Honey was style, grace and class. She was also a whole lot of fun. And quite certainly, she was the greatest example of how to live that I will ever know.

So how would I carry on the legacy of this simple but extraordinary woman? A scholarship fund? No. A walk? Maybe. A Thanksgiving food drive? Absolutely.

Here’s why a Thanksgiving food drive made perfect sense: Honey often hosted large holiday gatherings in which she showered our extended family with warm and loving hospitality. She also made dinner nightly for various neighbors throughout the years. Before sitting down to our 4:30 p.m.-sharp dinner each afternoon, one of the five McVey children would deliver a heaping plate of food (think pot roast, meatloaf, pork chops and other comfort-food classics) to an elderly neighbor across the street, an ailing friend around the corner or the widowed uncle just a few houses down. And that’s how the idea of Honey’s Angels came to fruition.

When I embarked on this mission to carry on my mom’s legacy nine years ago, it was a small group of family and friends who rallied to provide 17 families with all of the ingredients necessary to cook Thanksgiving dinners similar to the ones my mom lovingly prepared each year. Now we provide food assistance for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and this year we’ll serve our 1,500th family thanks to the support of hundreds of friends and strangers, including the Gethrr community, inspired by Honey’s kind and compassionate ways. Our success simply would not be possible without our supporters’ extreme generosity and devotion to our cause. We are so proud to do what we do, and we do it all in the name of a woman who inspired us daily with small acts of kindness that made—and continue to make—major impressions.

Thank you, Gethrr, for your part in empowering us to continue Honey’s work.

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