This past week, we delivered some much needed items to a local family here in Collegeville, Pa.  Both the parents were in debilitating car accidents, leaving them disabled.  Their son, Jared, is 15 years old and autistic and their two year old daughter Justice is speech delayed and was recently diagnosed with ADHD.  The family has been burdened with the many expenses accompanied with their medical care and is left with little resources.  We stepped in and were able to provide much of what their current needs were.

For Justice & Jared:

A resistance tunnel, chew stixx, royal jewelry chew set, sensory bin kit, egg pendant, clothing, shoes, diapers, twin fuzzy blankets for Justice’s sensory issues, King size fuzzy blanket for Jared’s sensory issues, cotton crib sheets, and a weighted blanket.

For the parents and kids:

Proper bed frame, foam topper for the bed, cleaning products, laundry detergent, paper towels, and toilet paper.

Doing a delivery is always exciting and nerve wracking.  After knocking on the door, Jennifer answered with a big hello.  I explained who I was and she was so excited to see me!  We walked over to my SUV and I opened it up showing that it was completely filled with things for them.  She immediately started crying.  It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it now.  They had a particularly bad week so having us to help at this point was extra special to her.

Jennifer emailed me this morning thanking us again. She mentioned how much Justice loves her new clothes and shoes and how much Jared loves his new weighted blanket.  While we can’t fix their problems we can give some respite and show them some love.

Thank you Gethrr members for helping make this happen!  And thank you to those that donated extra items on top of the monthly donation!



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