You may remember hearing about Earl and his terminal cancer diagnosis.  We are so honored to have been able to help him get back into his home to live out the rest of his days.  There was plenty of work for us to do and it took 11 hours in all to do it.  Here’s what we were able to accomplish.

Stabilized the steps – Jim was a HUGE help in making this happen.

Painted three rooms – Melissa, Corinne, Becky, Ellie, Ava & Bella were the perfect team and did a wonderful job painting.

Cleaned the bathroom up – I (Michael) worked on this.

Added a new toilet and sink – Jim and I did this.

Replaced the air conditioner with a new one – Jim, Justin, and I did this.

Threw out 4 large appliances – Jim, Justin and I worked on getting these out of the house and into the dumpster.

Even though we chose a day during the week do to this particular situation our members came through for us and we had enough volunteers to do this work.  To all of you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We honestly couldn’t have done this without you.

I also wanted to say thank you to Home Depot for donating some of the things necessary for completing this work.  It’s always wonderful to see companies give back to their communities.

Before we show you some photographs from the day I’d like to share a note from Dawn, Earl’s daughter.


Hello, my name is Dawn Crowley and the amazing folks at Gethrr helped make my father’s final wishes come true. In the beginning of June this year and 18 days after he quit smoking they found a mass in my father’s right lung. By June 16th it was confirmed that it was stage 3 non small cell lung cancer. Just a bit past mid July I ran him to the emergency room in the VA. He was admitted and we found that his cancer was now stage 4 and terminal having spread to the brain. He moved from the VA to hospice care at Christiana. He graciously accepted what was happening to him and had a smile for everyone who walked in the room. He only had one wish and that was to return home to live out the rest of his days. His home however was not ready for him. The bathroom could not be used, the steps could not be climbed, the old dirty nicotine covered air conditioner still blew into the room that he would be living in. With the help of a great friend, I was put in touch with Michael and the beyond wonderful volunteers at Gethrr. I had been working on my dad’s house but had hit a wall and it was just becoming to much to get done in time for him to come home. Gethrr stepped in, got supplies, man power and a lot of love. They tirelessly worked for 11 hours and with paint, sweat and a lot of hard work they made my father’s house a home again. That was on a Tuesday and by Thursday my dad was home. He looked around in awe as he was brought into his once disheveled house. He is still here with us and doing what he wanted. Living out the rest of his days in his own beautiful home with his family. Thank you so very much to the volunteers that were here that day and to all the volunteers that ever step up to help a total stranger and fellow human being. You helped make my father’s final wishes come true and for that I am eternally great full.


Dawn Marie Crowley


Just over a week after being home Dawn sent us this text message…


“I wanted to let you know my dad passed today around 1:30pm. It was peaceful and I got to be there to hold his hand and tell him I love him. You helped to bring him home and I am eternally thankful.”

While this saddens us immensely, we’re so grateful to have been able to help in the small way we did.

Here are some images from our time at Earl’s home.


Becky worked so hard all day while caring for her daughters Piper & Ellie.





The kids were such fantastic helpers.


Justin was an incredible help and we honestly wouldn’t have been able to move all the appliances without him.


This is Earl’s dog Lucky.  We know he was eager to have him by his side again.


Here’s our wonderful crew of volunteers minus myself and Corinne.


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