We wanted to give you an update on the Crush Childhood Cancer project.  We originally planned on providing 12 families with gift baskets filled with tangible items they needed but we found a better use of the donation.  We’ll let George Searfoss explain below this picture.

Crush Childhood Cancer

Dear Gethrr,

I’m so grateful to your organization for helping make a memorable day, personal and extra special. Crush Childhood Cancer’s biggest event is held every May for the last five years. To date this event has allowed our organization to give away over $110,000 to families in need.

Crush Childhood Cancer’s mission is to financially and emotionally support families who have children with cancer.  What started as a junior class project by founder Samantha Paradis has grown into an on-going effort to provide these families with as much support as possible as they battle cancer on a daily basis. From its humble beginnings, Crush has grown each year both in terms of families helped and money raised.  In addition to the financial support, a community of families has been developed, each helping the other navigate the journey their families are facing.

Crush became a recognized charity under the IRS code section 501 (C) (3) in 2014.  We are 100% volunteer-run, and all proceeds from our events go directly to our families.  When a diagnosis of cancer strikes a family, the financial impact can be equivalent to a 25% pay reduction.  The emotional toll is incalculable. Wondering how to pay bills on top of the other stresses associated with cancer seems to us more than unfair.  Crush supports families who have children in all stages of treatment or have lost a child during their Crush sponsorship.

Crush Childhood Cancer currently holds an annual 5K Competitive Run, 1 Mile Family Fun Walk and Community Fair each May along with other fundraising efforts year round. Along with financial support, Crush walks alongside these families with emotional support in a variety of ways, including hospital visits and hand holding on scan days.

Crush Childhood Cancer believes no one should have to fight alone and counts it a privilege to stand with these families. Gethrr gave a very generous gift that allowed each family to have a memento of our last 5K Competitive Run and Fun Walk. Each family had pictures taken of them during the day and we presented these pictures on canvases at a BBQ this past Saturday. The canvases are beautiful and we believe the families will enjoy them for years to come. It is these personal touches that make Crush so special to our families.  They know that they are not a case number or check amount to us, but rather a family in the fight of their lives… and they are not alone. These gifts capture the joy of the day and when it gets hard, they will be able to look at the canvases and remember that joy.


George Searfoss

Board Member of Crush Childhood Cancer


It was brought to our attention that since this day, one of the family’s children pass away.  We’re grateful to have provided a photograph, a memento, that they can cherish.

Thank you Gethrr members for your donations, trust, and support.  It means the world to us and so many others.

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