This holiday season, we are so proud to have partnered with two Ohio families to make their Christmas Magic happen. These hardworking families have recently fallen on hard financial times and needed some assistance to bring Christmas to their children. We mobilized our volunteers to shop, wrap, and ship… and Christmas dreams came true! Many of our volunteers donated the gifts outright, which allowed us to provide a “family gift” to help the parents pay for some of their outstanding bills. As always, a huge thank you to our donors and volunteers- without all of you, none of this would have been possible.

The Moore Family

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Deanita and her husband knew they would be unable to provide Christmas for their 4 children, Emily, Joshua, Hunter, and Paisleigh. For the past year and a half, Deanita has struggled with significant health setbacks. Deanita, now about 8 months pregnant, is on bedrest and is unable to work which has had a huge impact on their finances. It has been a struggle for them to meet basic needs, and Christmas felt completely out of reach. Feeling defeated and depressed, Deanita and her husband were so grateful for the support and knowing that their children would have gifts to open on Christmas morning.

“Thank You so much for making Christmas possible and allowing my husband and I to see the smiles on there face. They loved everything and we also appreciate the family gift, it was a blessing. Thanks for making Christmas 2017 possible. God Bless All, and Happy New Year.” Deanita 


 The Dowell Family 
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Susannah and Dennis say they were living their dream together with their family, Hayleigh, Nevaeh, Andrew, Brooklynn, and Harmonie. Then, the unexpected happened. Susannah was in a terrible car accident and was unable to work for a significant period of time. They started to lose everything- their home, their financial security. Not long after she returned to work, Susannah’s father needed significant medical care after a major surgery. While caring for him, she found out she was pregnant and high risk. She lost her job and her company car. These setbacks have left her and Dennis financially struggling to keep their home warm, their lights on, their water running. Susannah said “We’re doing the best we can. We just keep getting knocked down. We’re just trying to give our babies the Christmas they deserve…none of this is their fault.”

“I want to take the time out to say Happy New Year and Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I was amazed by the love & support you all have given to our family! As holiday season came we was receiving disconnect after disconnect & I felt my kids would be crushed this season, but with love from you all they had the most wonderful Christmas even getting there dream gifts! Thank you all so much for bringing those smiles to our kids. The gift for our family was a visa card which was used to pay one of our bills which was a huge help! Again we just want to say thank you it all means so much!!!”   With Love, The Dowell Family

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