Gethrr was founded on the philosophy that every action counts – that we can all affect change. That is our pledge. To do what we can, in spite of the problems we face.

There are 1.2 million homeless children in the US, more than any other time in history. There is no quick fix here, but we can start small and build on our efforts.

For June’s project we’ll be teaming up with Pictures of Hope, Chevrolet and the Drueding Center to give 15 homeless children in Philadelphia an opportunity to reach their true potential.

The kids, ranging from 6 to 13, will complete a photography course and team up with Gethrr volunteers on their first assignment as young journalists to grab hold of their “Hopes and Dreams”.

“Hopes and dreams captured in quiet moments tell a story that few adults can imagine.” explains founder of Pictures of Hope, Linda Solomon, “When you show children that you care about what they wish for in life, perhaps a child who never felt he or she had self worth, now will.”

Following the project Chevrolet and its local dealers will surprise the children with cameras of their own. Later in the year, a “Meet The Young Artist Reception” will be held to celebrate the children’s photographs.

These young artists will help to rebuild the community and inspire other children through their work. The heartfelt photos will be sold as holiday cards to benefit the Drueding Center and support homeless youth in Philadelphia.

We are investing in these children’s future. Their success is our success. Through this project we offer hope to one another.



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