We will be helping Philly Restart!  Philly Restart is a non-profit that serves the homeless and hungry in Philadelphia. They serve hundreds of meals a week and help thousands obtain critical proper identification each year.  Their main mission is to meet the immediate hunger need, and to provide the ID that can propel them back to self-sufficiency.   The IDs allow them to get jobs, to cash work checks, and get into rehab if needed.  It’s a crucial step to moving beyond homelessness.

Every Monday at 4pm Adam and his team of volunteers set up to serve a hot meal to the homeless and needy.  One line is for the food, and another stretches full of those who need ID (without ID, it is nearly impossible to get back on your feet).  Many stories are heart-wrenching as desperate Philadelphians stand in the elements with nowhere else to turn.   Adam issues secure checks to the government agencies that allow the ‘client’ to obtain their ID and move forward.

Having volunteered and manning the pasta station (I’m not very good at this), I got to see first hand how wonderful this organization is.  I’ve also had a chance talk with some of these people first hand.  My family and I have dealt with hardships but this is unimaginable for us.  We need to be part of this and give these people a chance to overcome their homelessness.  And to find an organization that takes a hands-on approach like this is extremely important.

The project:

We will provide 50 id’s and enough food to last a month.  We are also hoping that we could have a few Gethrr members offer to volunteer to help serve on a Monday.  If you’re interested, please contact us for more details.

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Nikki Dunleavy
February 5, 2014
Hi Michael and Melissa!! Wow! This project makes me so happy!! What a wonderful idea. Over Christmas I wanted to make soup to fed the homeless out of my trunk outside of the philadelphia library...Dan said I couldn't do it and I thought why not?! So I would love to join you guys in some volunteering through Gethrr. Please let me know the next steps. I make my own schedule so I'm flexible. Can't wait to make a difference! Hope you are enjoying Arizona!
    February 7, 2014
    Thank you so much for the kind words Nikki! I will be in touch about volunteering for Philly Restart for sure.