For the past 6 years, Nicholas has been quite literally fighting for his life. He’s only 7 years old- nearly the entire time he’s been alive has been a battle. He was diagnosed with a Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma, an incredibly rare brain tumor in his spinal cord. Since his diagnosis, Nicholas has had 3 surgeries and over 3 and half total years of chemotherapy. His tumor has continued to grow back after removal and treatments, and he has continued to show up, stronger than ever, ready to fight each time. This battle has left him with limited mobility on his left side, scoliosis, and spinal rods. It has threatened to take his life, it has stolen precious childhood innocence from him. Through his struggles, this special child has demonstrated an enormous amount of strength, courage, and perseverance, due in part to his amazing mother Christine. Her positive energy and loving spirit in the face of such an awful and difficult journey are truly an inspiration.

Christine has better ways to use her energy than to worry about how the medical bills will be paid. Caring for Nicholas is a full-time job, and at Gethrr, we want her to focus on that as much as possible. We’re donating a month’s worth of Gethrr donations to help cover the medical costs they’ve incurred for his treatments.



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