Gethrr is excited to partner with Magic Wheelchair, an organization dedicated to making incredible creations for children in wheelchairs. Magic Wheelchair‘s vision is all about putting smiles on the faces of children in wheelchairs by transforming these wheelchairs into “awesomeness.”

The children participating in the program submit a short video of themselves saying what they want to be for halloween (or a parade or another big day) and why. It’s then the responsibility of the volunteers – designers, builders, movers, shakers and doers – to make that vision a reality.

Over the years, children in wheelchairs have been transformed into captains of their own pirate ships, roving blue dinosaurs and flying black dinosaurs from their favorite movies, and knights on noble steeds. Magic Wheelchair is focused on helping these extraordinary children realize that while a wheelchair is certainly an obstacle, there’s always opportunity for imagination, celebration and exploring their dreams. These kids are not defined by where they sit or how they move, they’re defined by their character, their personality, their drive and imagination. These magic wheelchairs are a small but creative and fun way of reminding them of that reality.

Gethrr is excited to partner with this organization and the next couple months are going to entail a lot of work to make this happen. We have already collected a dedicated group of volunteers and ideas are flowing. However, more is always better than less in these situations and your support will help make one child’s wheelchair truly magical.

Here are some examples of past projects!


We have the privilege of working with Connor, age 10, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Autism.  We met with him at his home to learn more about him and what he likes.  Turns out, he’s a huge Star Wars fan and would love us to turn his wheelchair into a Millennium Falcon.


We’ve already begun building a plan for supplies, design and construction, and we are looking forward to seeing this thing come alive!

Stay tuned for updates on the design plan as we make progress.

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September 19, 2016
I LOVE THIS!!! Can't wait to see the final!!! :)
    September 20, 2016
    Thanks Tim! We're so excited too!
Jeanette Silva
November 1, 2016
How can I get involved to help?
    November 1, 2016
    I'll email you! Thanks!