Love Not Lost is a non-profit organization that photographs people facing a terminal diagnosis to capture and preserve their memory for those they love. Through free portrait sessions and hand-crafted photo books, Love Not Lost supports people in grief and brings hope in the midst of suffering.
Just a few months ago, they received an application for a family in PA. The application said, “I am terminally ill, and would love to have some of our remaining love captured. We are a special family that always tries to help anyone in need. My wife works all of the time and we do not get much time together, and when we do, we don’t think of pictures. I’d love for someone to capture the true love that we share.” His name was Tim and after talking to him, they learned that he has brain cancer. He’s been through three brain surgeries, radiation, and more, but it’s not working. Tim and his wife have 4 kids – two biological and two adopted – and are committed to making the most of the time they have left together. They go above and beyond to help other people in need so it was an easy decision to accept their application.
This of course made it an easy decision for us to want to be part of this as well.  Our donation will be used in helping them get to PA to photograph them and will help us cover the cost of editing, designing the book, and shipping the photo book to them.  The donation amount will be $750 which is above our monthly budget.  This is feasible due to some projects this year that didn’t require a full month of donations.

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