Gethrr needs your help for our next project! Jen, her husband, and their two children are a local family in need of donations.  Both the parents were in debilitating car accidents, leaving them disabled.  Their son Jared is 15 years old and autistic and their two year old daughter Justice is speech delayed and was recently diagnosed with ADHD.  The family has been burdened with the many expenses accompanied with their medical care and is left with little resources.  We would love to provide this wonderful family with the necessities that they need, such as diapers and sensory toys and blankets for their children, as well as household basics like towels, sheets, and clothing.  We hope to provide most of what they need but if you are interested in donating money or some of the items that they need, please reach out to us! Let’s make this amazing family feel supported, comfortable, and secure in our local community!






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