Kathryn & James are a wonderful couple who are going on an adventure. They’ve decided that they wanted to take things a step further than their already impressive 1000+ mile trip by bike from Seattle to San Francisco.

We’re grateful that they’ve decided to use this adventure as an opportunity to help Gethrr find people to help!

To learn more about Kathryn & James and how this all came to be please read below.


My name is Kathryn Denelle Stevens, I am a photographer living in Seattle with my husband, James; two dogs, Abbey and Parker; and a variety of house plants I’ve been neglecting. I love learning new things, especially nutrition and health related; meditating; running; observing light and shadow; and most recently, bicycling.
Late last year, James texted me and said, “Do you want to ride from Seattle to San Francisco this summer?!” and I said… “ummm…what?… I mean, Ok!” And that’s when I began an intense training regimen to prepare for this 1000+ mile trip by bike. Psych! I did nothing of the sort. I did start riding my bike regularly, but “intense” and “training” are two words I would not use to describe it. None-the-less, we’ll be leaving THIS Saturday and we will ride an average of 80 miles a day for 12 days until we reach the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. (That’s the plan anyway!)
What about us and our character would lead us to do such a thing?! Nothing really. We’re pretty average in a lot of ways. We’re active-ish. We’re ambitious in our work-ish. We’re up for anything-ish. That is to say, we live in the middle a lot of the time. We don’t live too big or two small. We’re basically Goldilocksing it most of the time. We don’t go all out in any one thing…except when we do. James was a Marine, and he was the best at it, earning the nickname “Hardcore”. He has done several Tough Mudder competitions. He rose to the top of his career path quickly and is extremely good at what he does. I have done some pretty intense things in my life: I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. I ran a half-marathon just for fun when I lived in Florence, Italy for a year–with no training. I participated in a sweat lodge ceremony recently in Tulum, Mexico this past spring. My point: when I DECIDE to do something, I do it. Mentally, I am tough. James is the same. We BELIEVE it is possible.
So, this trip…in theory…is the same. We go. We do. Except…there’s more to it than that. Yes, we’ve worked hard to get where we are in life. Yes, we’ve put in some time and effort. But in the overall scheme of things…we haven’t. Life has been pretty carefree. We’ve stayed in a pretty protected bubble that has allowed us to live comfortably. In short: we’ve played it safe.
This trip is about pushing us…obviously physically and mentally out of our zone de comfort, but beyond that…pushing us out of the nest we’ve built for ourselves. A nest that includes numbing ourselves with our vices: our phones, food, sugar, tv, too much work, and an overall lack of engagement with the world.
For me, and I think James too…we want to know what happens when you decide to take a leap like this into very unknown territory and find out if the ease with which we live is really living. Or, perhaps, we decide to engage deeply with our environment, the people, the smells, the elements, the sunrise, we might wake up to our real life. We might finally decide that Goldilocks was full of bs and enough is enough.
In this vein, we are partnering with Gethrr to engage with communities along the way to find stories of people who could benefit from Gethrr’s support. We are very excited to approach this trip from the perspective beyond the tourist and to maybe spend some time listening to stories from locals and get to know the environment in that way. Who knows where this will lead, but again, this is as huge part of why we’re hitting the road…to jump into life, which isn’t predictable or middle of the road or comfortable all of the time. And, thank goodness!
We feel incredibly lucky that we have this time and opportunity for this trip and we plan to take full advantage of it! We’ll be sharing our stories and trials with the Gethrr community via the hashtags #gethrr and #gethrrride as well as our personal hashtag #todayweride
Wish us luck and we’d LOVE your support along the way!
(here’s a map of their trip!)
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

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