Our community is rallying around 5 year old Tommy to help provide additional help with medical expenses for his brain tumor.  Here’s more information on his situation:

A 5-year-old Hudsonville boy is fighting for his life after doctors detected a brainstem tumor.

This all happened while 5-year-old Tommy Ruddy was visiting his grandparents in Pennsylvania where the family is originally from.

His mom says the outlook doctors are giving their family is grim but she is not giving up on getting her son home for radiation and any treatment that could save his life.

It all started a few weeks ago, the five-year-old was not acting like himself.

“He kind of had this gazed look starring off to the right. And I look at my husband and he’s like what and I said ‘Tom I think he has a brain tumor.’ And he looked at me and said Amanda you are crazy,” said Amanda Ruddy, Tommy’s mother.

Tommy was slurring his speech, tired and drooling. Then one week ago in Pennsylvania, visiting his grandparents, his mom video chatted with her son and her worst fears were confirmed.

“I facetimed him and he had a facial droop and I knew right away that he had to get to an emergency room as soon as possible,” said Amanda.

The news they got from doctors in Philadelphia was crushing.  “He’s had a biopsy done on his tumor and it’s inoperable and it’s high grade and there’s no treatment,” said Amanda.

(source: http://woodtv.com/2016/08/18/w-mi-boy-diagnosed-with-brain-cancer-works-to-get-home/)



In addition to giving what we can, we’re asking that you consider chipping in a few extra dollars to help this family.  Please go here if you’d like to donate!

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