Gethrr is hitting the ground peddling for our next project. We’re lending a hand for Gearing Up’s Interim House Ride Series on Sunday, July 20th. We’ll be getting drinks to the riders, and snapping pics to shine some light on a smart and worthy cause.

Gearing Up abides by the whole “teach man to fish” philosophy. But, instead of men and fish, Gearing Up focuses their efforts on women and wheelies.

The women of Gearing Up have histories of abuse and trauma, battles with drugs and alcohol, and even a few run-ins with the law. Still, they’re determined to ride to new places – and we’re ready to help.

After logging 100 miles on the road, the women enrolled earn their own bicycle by demonstrating basic bike maintenance skills and safety checks. The money Gethrr is donating will go to water bottle cages, tubes and tire levers on the bikes, so riders will be able to change flats on the fly.

Every mile these women pedal gets them further from their troubled past, more independent, and more confident as they travel further down a road of personal growth.

P.S. If you have any bicycle equipment you’d like to donate, Gearing Up would gladly appreciate it.

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