As a parent, meeting your Childs basic needs are at the top of your priority list. However, for many, this is a difficult task to complete. To know your child might go hungry is, without a doubt, one of the worst feelings a parent can feel.

The folks over at Schwenksville Elementary School created the Linked Kids program, which provides students in need with nourishment on the weekends. Many of these children would not have nutritious food to eat while they are away from school. This program is a blessing in so many ways considering that children who experience food insecurity are at a significantly higher risk for health, developmental, and behavioral problems.

Gethrr is proud to have helped fill the Linked Kids pantry for our latest project. Stacia Hang, School Counselor at Schwenksville Elementary said

“Please accept this letter as a sincere note of thanks for your generous support of our school’s Linked Kids program. The staff members who oversee the Linked Kids committee are just over the moon with joy in knowing that this abundant food donation will help to fill our pantry shelves.

With your generous donation, we will be able to send many bags home with kids for weeks to come. That food not only fills our students’ bellies, but it is also a reminder that our care and support for them stretches well beyond the classroom walls.

Thank you for helping us and supporting our kids!”

Stacia and the rest of the staff at Schwenksville Elementary, thank you for taking initiative to improve the quality of life for your students in so many ways! The work you are doing is amazing!


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