There are so many basic needs that we take for granted on a daily basis. Fresh air, clean drinking water, clothing, and the ability to fill our bellies. Parts of our own world do not have such luxuries that we often take for granted. Did you know that there is currently a humanitarian crisis as well an increased risk for famine in some areas of our own planet? Probably not. For some reason this hasn’t made our news and isn’t being talked about. South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. People in parts of South Sudan are already dying of famine. Children are dying in all of these countries from malnutrition.

Nigeria has one of the most devastating numbers regarding children and malnutrition. Currently hundreds of thousands of children under the age of five will suffer from malnutrition this year, with up to 20% of them dying unless more help is provided. The current estimated number of children affected by this is 450,000. A total of 14 million people are also in need of humanitarian assistance. Gethrr will be donating to supply necessary food and assistance to the children of Nigeria. Us among many of our members with children, this breaks our hearts. No child on this planet should ever die of malnutrition.

Together we have the power to end world hunger.

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