Teesha Dangol 2

Above is a picture of Teesha in front of her school.  In June we connected with the Karmacharya family in Nepal whose lives were turned upside down after the Nepal earthquake in April 2015.  We asked them how we could help and they were quick with a suggestion.  They simply asked for help to keep Teesha in school while they figured out things for themselves.  We were grateful for the opportunity and were able to provide 6 months of school.

We just heard from Sabina, Teesha’s mother, and she sent us this message.

The devastating earthquake occurred on 25th April 2015 badly affected by house at Kathmandu and the house was declared Not Fit To Live In. The same house was the main source of income as its rooms were rented and we used to run a grocery shop but after the quake it has stopped. The quake created the financial crises which made the life so troublesome.

In this situation where our earning was not as before it was difficult for me to provide the education to my daughter. When I was going through a hardship situation fortunately I got to know your organization which supported me to provide the education of my daughter for six months.

Your organization came like an angel into my life as your help provided me a big support and I am very thankful to your organization for the support you provided and I would never forget it in my entire life.

Thank you, for your support.

Warm Regards,

Sabina Karmacharya

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