After hearing about the Nepal earthquake this past April, we knew Gethrr wanted to have a part in helping in some way. In any way. So we reached out to our network and received a ton of responses. I truly wish we could help them all.

I’ve been speaking with Sabina, who wrote on behalf of her three-year-old daughter Teesha. Sabina’s family of nine was displaced by the earthquake and they face the imminent rainy season with little hope of getting back into their house.  She writes below:

Teesha Dangol.

Due to the disastrous earthquake that came on 25th April 2015, my home at Kathmandu has been badly affected. My home has become unsuitable to live in as there are cracks all over the walls and the base has left its place, the home is tilted as the main support pillars are badly cracked. The government surveyors and the engineers have declared the house as “Not Fit To Live In”. We have yet to carry out our goods from the house as no one is daring to enter the house. However we are planning to shift our goods from the house with the help of rescue teams if it is possible.

I along with all my 8 family members including my 3 years old child have been taking shelter in our neighbor’s garage and managed a kitchen in an auto workshop. Life has become so troublesome that we hardly manage to bear this suffering. This could not last long because the aftershocks have been minimized and people are returning into their business so we need to leave the garage and the workshop as soon as possible.  We had an old cottage made of bricks and tin roof which was used to dump old things and now it is our last option of shelter until we demolish the house and build a new one. For this purpose we are maintaining this cottage to prepare it suitable to stay safe during the rainy season which is coming at the edge.

The main source of income was the same house as its rooms were rented and we used to run a grocery shop but after the quake it has stopped.  We are deprived of the water supply because the earthquake has damaged the pipelines and no one in the community allows digging the surface as the line is buried along the way and their houses are supported with the help of support rods, woods placing along the ways. We are forced to buy the water from the tankers in a high price.

There is not any other solution except rebuilding and which is beyond our capacity right now.  The government may provide some relief funds which obviously will not be sufficient. We need to seek for other sources for this. Hope, we may have better life ahead.


Despite all the trials she is facing, Sabina remains focused on her top priority: to continue providing education for her daughter. Teesha’s schooling is something the family simply isn’t able to afford right now. But our donation will provide her 6 months of tuition. Our hope is that during this time, Sabina can make progress towards safety, stability, and a better life for her family.



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