For our next project we’ll be working with an organization called Crush Childhood Cancer.  Crush Childhood Cancer’s mission is to financially and emotionally support families who have children with cancer.  What originally began as a junior class project by founder Samantha Paradis has grown into an on-going effort to provide families with as much support as possible as they battle cancer on a daily basis. In addition to the financial support, a community of families has developed, each helping the other navigate the journey their families are all facing.

When cancer rears its ugly head within a family, the financial impact can be equivalent to that of a 25 percent pay reduction.  The emotional toll is incalculable.  Wondering how to pay bills on top of the other stress associated with cancer is more than unfair.  Crush supports families who have children in all stages of treatment or have lost a child during their Crush sponsorship.

Here’s an image from a past event where they smash a car!


George Searfoss, a board member of Crush Childhood Cancer, wrote this letter to us.  It explains more about their upcoming event and how we’re a part of it.

I wanted to take time to express my gratitude for your organization for helping Crush Childhood Cancer 5K Race and Family Fun Day a bigger success. As you probably know, each of these families are hit hard when they hear the devastating news that their loved one has been diagnosed with a childhood cancer. Crush Childhood Cancer raises money for families so they can be together as a family unit when the treatment is going on. Often times, dad’s and mom’s and siblings can’t take the time off to be there together during this time. We want to provide funds so they can be there during the treatment together.
This event not only raises tens of thousands of dollars every year but it brings families together and unites them in their storm of life. One of the favorite things that is done each year is watching the children with cancer and their siblings and parents smash a car that has the names of childhood cancer on it. It’s so cathartic for them. I’ve seen moms pound the car until they had nothing left. Truly very moving.

We are excited to be able to give each of our 12 families a gift basket this year that will give each family some tangible items they need. They will have a gas card and a food card and some other items that will make them know they are well loved. Gethrr will be making this happen and we are excited to be able to give each family one of these gift baskets.

Thank you for your generosity and for making our community a better place to live and love.

George Searfoss
Board Member of Crush Childhood Cancer

If you’d like to take a more active roll in this event you can find out details here.

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