CIDA is the Centro de Integracion para Drogadictos y Alcohólicos in Leona Vicario, Mexico (about 23 miles west of Cancun). In plain English, CIDA is a rehabilitation center for drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes. At present, there are 98 men and 19 women. The project is divided into two parts:

1. The men volunteers (and any women who want to help) will replace the purlins and roof of the bodega.  The bodega stores all the clothing for the women and is continually leaking.  This repair will ensure that the women’s possessions will be protected and they will continue to have dry clothing to wear.

2. The women volunteers will be working with the women in the program and paint the interior of the new women’s dormitory.  The age range of the resident women is 16-30 and they have had a lifetime of disappointment.  Having the opportunity to share in time and work and creative projects will be a huge encouragement to these women.

For this project we’ll be volunteering, providing transportation, and creative and hygiene kits for the women.

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