This year we’re partnering with our local food pantry to collect toys for local kids.  Our goal is to ensure that each of the expected 400 children we’re helping, get to wake up Christmas morning with three new gifts under their tree.

A few years ago the Daily Bread Food Pantry had a sponsor and was able to provide gifts for these children but they’ve since lost their sponsorship.  This is where we come in and without our help they won’t be able to meet their goal.  We will be using our monthly budget to purchase toys but we’d also love to ask for additional donations.

We also want the experience to be positive for the parents.  We’ll set up a space as a toy store where parents can come in and “shop”, choosing three presents for their kid(s). 

We’ve been asked about “like new” toys that are out of the box.  We’re open to accepting these toys as long as they are in fact like new and in an appropriate sized box.  Please don’t give any toys that are damaged, missing pieces, or require time to clean.

As mentioned earlier, we’d love to ask for an additional toy donation.  With 200 members, we believe we can ensure each child gets to have a wonderful Christmas.  We’re accepting gifts from now till December

Here’s a list of the suggested toys:

Younger children:
Polly Pockets
Hot Wheel Cities
My Little Pony
Wooden Train Set
Star Wars toys
Hello Kitty
Monster High Dolls
Ever After Dolls
Paw Patrol
Tsum Tsum
Minecraft toys
Nerf toys
V-tec toys
Disney toys

Movie tickets
Make up kits
Bath set
Nail polish
Zip up hoodies
Lounge pants

Here’s what we DON’T Need:
Craft kits
Play doh
Teen-adult books
Stocking stuffers

Please drop off the toys here:
4306 Gypsy Lane
Collegeville, Pa 19426

If there is no one here please drop them off on the front porch. Call/text 856-264-6747 to coordinate drop off if you can.

Thank you all so very much!

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