Transparency has always been important to us and this message is as transparent as it gets.

It’s been 8 months since we launched Gethrr and we’ve learned quite a bit.  First, we’ve learned that this is HARD.  People aren’t lining up and begging to give us a $1 month and volunteer their time, but those who truly understand what Gethrr is about and what we’re capable of are all in.  Because of this we’ve decided to focus on this mission by learning from the past year in order to continue to grow.

We are 180 members strong!

This is incredible, but it’s not enough.  We want Gethrr to be the largest single community of givers and do gooders in the world.  We want 1 million members.  Come again?  How many?


Are we crazy?  No.  There are far more than 1 million passionate, caring, and giving people in this world.  This is simply our initial goal for membership.  Our ultimate goal?  Let’s just get to 1 million first, shall we?

Imagine it.  Imagine all the incredibly amazing things we’d be able to do together each month .  Imagine the incredible difference we can make  together

The world needs all of us to work together because together we can accomplish so much more than any one individual.

The changes.

1. Our DoGood challenges:  We will be temporarily putting challenges on hold while we grow our membership.

2. The website: We are adding an FAQ section to help answer questions.  We believe this would be a great addition to the site for first time visitors

3. Member Suggestions: While we have had members reach out with ideas, we want to hear from more of you (all of you).  You know your community and what needs to be done.  Soon you’ll have an easier way to share them with us.

4. Corporate Support: Gethrr has been supported by individuals to this point and we will soon be making it possible  for businesses to get involved more easily. It will cost a little more than $1/month for a business to get involved, but we aren’t asking for a lot. Businesses will also have their information displayed on the Gethrr site so their customers can see their support for the community.

Here are some awesome ways YOU can help! 

1. Send questions you’d like to see on the FAQ section of the website.  No matter how obvious or obscure please send them along. Email us at

2. While we work on the changes to our website please nominate someone in need or your favorite charity for a Gethrr project.  We don’t have a huge monthly budget for projects, but thats ok.  It’s not how much we can do that matters.  It’s just that we CAN DO.

3. Help us grow!  Ask your friends and family to join our community!  We need each and every one of you to change the world

4. Are you a fan of Gethrr on Facebook?  If not, like us!  If you are, and you aren’t a member yet, sign up!  It takes just minutes and we’d be so happy to have you as part of this community!

5. We would love a handful of volunteers to help with the following things that will ensure Gethrr continues to grow.

Writer:  We have a fantastic writer (thank you Raghav!) who has been helping us with our content but would love another writer to help lighten the load.

Project finders/sorters: Someone who will help seek out opportunities for projects.   This person can also help sort through the project ideas we have to help us make the best decision.

Web designers/developers:  Someone who can help us with website design changes and/or the development of those changes.

Gethrr’s private FB Group:  This is a group where we can talk with each other about everything Gethrr.  Ideas/feedback/suggestions/support.

If you’re interested please email me at

With Love,

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