“On the evening of February 10th 2018 after returning home from a family reunion. Our two boys Cameron (6) and Colin(4) were playing around like they always do and Colin ended up hitting Cameron on his left side. Cameron came out to the kitchen saying his side hurt and then cried for a good 20 minutes something didn’t seem right. About an hour after the hit, Cameron came out of the bathroom and said “Is it normal for my pee to be red” we rushed to the ER. The only story we had was that our 4 years old had hit him in the side, the doctors just knew that a 4-year-old couldn’t cause such damage. With tears in her eyes, our ER doctor took us into a separate room and told us that the ultrasound revealed a tumor on Camerons left kidney. It’s the words no parent wants to hear, and our worlds were flipped upside down. We were then transported by ambulance to CHOP where they did a CT scan and MRI. He was diagnosed with Stage 3 Wilms Tumor. He had the left kidney, and some lymph nodes removed on Valentines Day and has started his 25 weeks of chemo and 2 weeks of proton radiation therapy. Our lives have been a whirlwind of tests, doctors, and treatments since February 10th. ”

-Jessica, Cameron’s mother

No child should have to face such a gruelling reality. For Cameron, the road ahead is a difficult and painful one, and he will be forced to endure things that even an adult would find incredibly challenging. We believe the spirit of a child is a resilient one, and that the importance of innocence and play cannot be forgotten. Cameron deserves a place to simply be a child. A place that will allow him to escape from his illness, his hospital visits, his treatment, his road to recovery… a place where he can just imagine and play and be a child.

Gethrr will be building Cameron the ultimate playhouse in his backyard. It’ll be handcrafted with all the special magic that he deserves. Keep up with our progress on social media– we’ll be sharing progress updates along the way!


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