A metric ton weighs 2,205 pounds. Keep that number in your head: 2,205 pounds.

Five years ago, the world produced 288 million metric tons of plastic. Roughly 8 million of those tons

ended up in our oceans. Do you know how much 2,205 x 8,000,000 is?


17,640,000,000 pounds of soda bottles, chip bags, bubble wrap, straws, toothbrushes, cups, plates, and

milk jugs are in our beautiful, beautiful oceans. One depressing environmental engineer estimates that

this is the equivalent of lining up 5 grocery bags on every foot of coastline around the globe. Want to

hear something even worse? That number is estimated to double by the year 2025. When you’re on vacation this summer, imagine sitting in your beach chair at water’s edge, a book on your lap, and happily digging your toes into the sand, except it’s not sand, it’s trash bags. You’re digging your toes into trash bags. And remember, we’re just talking about plastic. We haven’t even mentioned a few other major scourges, such as cigarette butts, cans, and glass bottles.

This sounds daunting, insurmountable even, but there’s something so easy that we can all do, something that our parents and teachers and a man dressed as a purple dinosaur have been telling us to do for years: CLEAN UP!

Gethrr is excited to organize our own cleanup event, in an effort to help reduce ocean pollution and make our planet a little more spick and span. On June 11 th , from 10:00am-12:00pm EST we would like to invite all of our members, and our members’ friends, and our members’ friends’ friends, to head out to your local creek, river, lake, pond, enlarged puddle, etc., armed with garbage bags, some gloves and some gumption, and pick up the trash that you find. We’re not asking you to go wading into the water or snorkeling for errant coffee stirrers. A lot of trash makes its home on the banks and coasts of these waterways, and we want to stop it from going any further.

If you’d like to be really helpful, and hey, if you want to do this, you’re probably a really helpful kind of person, please weigh your trash at the end and report that number to us. If you want to go above and beyond, download the form on our site, and keep track of the kind of trash you find. Then send it back to us. The form, not the trash. You should properly recycle or dispose of the trash. When all is said and done, we’d love to have some tangible stats to share.

As always, we want to show just how much of a difference we can make in our world with everyday acts and mighty hearts. Invite a friend, bring your kids, and let’s all pitch in to make the planet a cleaner place.

If you would like to participate, please register HERE with the number of people in your cleanup crew, and your location.  Here (2017 Gethrr Waterway Cleanup Checklist) you can fill out what you’ve picked up!  We’d love to make a map of all the places we cleaned up!

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