Korah, Ethiopia was originally built as a leper colony and has now grown more than 120,000 people, nearly all living in extreme poverty. The actual name “Korah” means cursed. There is more illness, sickness and lack in this village than one sees in most impoverished communities – yet, there is an incredible spirit, sweetness and energy running through the people. That doesn’t mean to say there isn’t suffering, difficulty, hunger. There is. The pain just seems to co-exist with the gratitude in a way that really stays with you.

Gethrr is partnering with Beautiful Together, and a program that was founded by Korah native Cherenet Gullene, called Life to Live for Korah. Life to Live is a non-profit organization that feeds orphans who are from extremely poor communities in Korah, built on a trash dump in Ethiopia. Gethrr is going to provide funding to feed 15 children for one month.

On Giving Tuesday, Gethrr will host a separate fundraiser with a goal of $325. We will use the funds to provide an additional month of food for children we are sponsoring. The special fundraiser will be open to current Gethrr members and anyone else who would like to donate.

Please help us meet our fundraising goal by sharing this with your friends and family!  Here is the link to the fundraiser page!

Thank you Tamara Lackey for the video and photography!


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