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2 year old Emmett

    Emmett was born March 12th, 2013, a fourth child and the youngest in the family. Even within the first few weeks of his life, Emmett’s health condition sent him back and forth to the hospital. At four months old, he was diagnosed with a rare brain malformation called Chiari and Hydrocephalus. Scared and […]

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Project Recap // Katie & Matt
posted on: April 23, 2015

Katie & Matt

Last January Katie was caught in a horrific collision as a pedestrian in a parking lot pinned between two cars. She sustained severe nerve damage, suffers from chronic pain – and has proven to be one of the most resilient people in the world.

The accident has lead to overwhelming physical, mental, and financial challenges for Katie and her husband Matt. Their courage is what flips this story from a tragedy to an inspiration.

We reached out to give what we could to Katie & Matt to ease some of their financial struggles and the couple was gracious enough to tell us about how their lives have changed.

Katie & Matt began with a message to the member of our community:



“Thank you so much for the Gethrr community! We wish we could give each and every one of you a big thank you hug. What you guys are doing by banding together and supporting others really is making a huge difference in people’s lives. We pray that you will all receive blessing backs ten fold.”






As a token of their appreciation, Matt and Katie want to give everyone this image above as a gift. Please go here to download it: http://bit.ly/1d4pxTz


Where are you guys now in the recovery phase?

The past 15 months have been so hard for us, but the love and support we are receiving from friends, family, fellow photographers and total strangers has just blown us away! We feel blessed to have so many people getting behind us and help us through this difficult time. Currently Katie is completing ‘The Wesley Pain Management Program’, at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane. At the start of the year Katie completed a 5-week intensive rehabilitation program and now she is continuing with half days of rehabilitation each week. Katie has been working with a specialist team including a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, psychologist and occupational therapist. Matt has recently been discharged from the Cooinda mental health facility, at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, suffering severe depression. He was admitted into hospital for the third time on the 4th of March. He is continuing to see a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist. For the last 14 months since the accident our lives have been a mess. Either Katie has been in hospital, Matt has been travelling for work, Katie has been doing rehabilitation, or Matt has been in hospital. It’s all been very messy and disjointed for us.


Where do you guys go from here?

Our dream has always been to teach, speak and help other photographers. Before the accident we were actually living our dreams! We were travelling the world using our cameras to help others in need, we were speaking at international conferences, and were doing workshops helping teach other photographers. We hope to return to this, but at this stage we just don’t know. It’s hard to know what the future holds for us right now. Katie’s rehabilitation has helped her immensely, but it’s yet to be seen if she will ever be able to live the life we led before the accident.


What does it feel like having strangers reach out to offer help?

Our lives have literally been turned upside down. Being self-employed has definitely added to this pressure. Having total strangers reach out and support us during this difficult time has been such a blessing. To have financial help during this time has loosened the noose around our necks.



Watch a short talk from Matt to get a little more insight into their story.  It’s incredible how in this time of struggle they’re using it as an opportunity to inspire others.


Gethrr got its 501(c)(3) status!
posted on: March 12, 2015

We’re so Over The Top excited!  Gethrr is officially a 501(c)(3)!!  We’ve been dreaming of this moment for so long!

From this moment forward all donations are Tax Deductible!!


It’s amazing to think about all the effort that has been put into making this happen.  The time, overwhelming paperwork, hard work and financial investment that went into this was MORE than worth it.
You know whats even more amazing though?  Knowing this will allow us to help so many people for years to come!  It’s overwhelming to think about.


We’d like to thank all those who believed in this idea and in us.  This was a huge team effort and we couldn’t have done it without your help.  And a HUGE thank you to all the Gethrr members!  Our success to this point is only because of your trust, your hearts, and your generosity. We are so grateful for this community.  Together we will do good and change the world, one dollar at a time.

with Love,

Michael & Melissa



Project Recap // Max & his Cystic Fibrosis
posted on: February 10, 2015

We’ve had the pleasure of spending time with Max during the past couple of years. During that time, Max was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). The days since have been both good – and difficult.

This project will provide Max with two days of pulmozyme – one of his very necessary, and expensive medications. It warms our heart to provide Max and his deserving family with a good day.

Thank you for your continued support. We are grateful for each and every one of you, and to be able to do another small act of good.

Below is Max’s story, as told by his parents.


In January of 2013, our whole family came down with a nasty sinus infection. After serious antibiotics, everyone got well except Max. We took him to the doctor again… and again… and again. We were referred to other doctors and time and time again, we were told that our son had asthma and allergies. He was prescribed inhalers and allergy medications and nose sprays… none of which worked.

Over the course of almost two years, we tried so many different things to get him well from different types of antibiotics to chiropractic care to changing his diet to essential oils to a tonsillectomy. Nothing worked. We knew he was sick and we kept fighting, but all the doctors told us he wasn’t sick… he just had allergies.

In August of 2014, after two sleepless nights lying next to Max while he coughed literally all night long, I threw in the towel and took him to Children’s Mercy Hospital Emergency Room. I cried as I told the team of doctors all that we had been going through. Max’s O2 SAT’s were low and he was admitted to the hospital immediately. It was the first time any doctors truly listened to us.

Weeks before, a nutritionist I had spoken with casually mentioned that we should have Max tested for Cystic Fibrosis. When he got admitted to CMH, I asked them to test him. Max spent six days in the hospital fighting Enterovirus D-68. (The outbreak started here in Kansas City and he was one of the first kids to get sick with it.)

While he was in the hospital, he was given the Sweat Chloride test, which is the gold standard for CF testing. His numbers were on the high side of normal and we found out that he had been tested for CF at 18 months old because of a red flag during hernia surgery. The doctors at CMH were happy to consider him CF free based on his sweat results.

After he was released from the hospital, we were sent to the Allergy & Immunology Clinic for follow up. They ran a ridiculous amount of tests… and I requested the genetic testing for Cystic Fibrosis. I wanted to make sure we could rule out CF conclusively as I wasn’t convinced that he didn’t have it.

It took three months for the CF test to come back positive. During that time, Max had sinus surgery and we discovered he had a MRSA sinus infection. He was starting to get well once we got him on the right kind of antibiotics and we thought we had figured out the answer to all of his problems.

And then on a random day in November, I got a phone call from his doctor. The CF test came back positive. This was unexpected and a huge shock… we had been told in October that the test had come back negative, but apparently the first round was “negative” because they only found one mutation. They found the second mutation in the second round of testing.

We’ve learned a lot about Cystic Fibrosis since the day we got that phone call in November. It’s a life-threatening genetic disease that causes thick mucus which clogs up the lungs and causes infection after infection. Lucky for us, Max has a rare mutation, which is less severe. (This is why the sweat test came back negative twice.) Since CF is a genetic disease, we knew there would be a chance that one or both of our daughters would also have it.

Ava and Lia went in to CMH a few weeks ago for sweat testing and genetic testing. We didn’t expect to have results that day, since Max “failed” the sweat test. But I got a phone call from our nurse letting me know that Ava’s sweats were high enough to diagnose her with CF. Lia’s sweats were low, so we are hopeful that she does not CF. Their genetic tests are still pending.

The good news is that Max is doing SO well now that he is getting the proper treatment. His latest culture was clear of MRSA and Psuedomonas and he has been off antibiotics for three entire weeks without symptoms… which is the first time that has happened in two years! Ava had her first clinic visit a couple of weeks ago. She is starting on CF therapies and proper antibiotics, but she is doing well also.

Finding out that two of our three kids have Cystic Fibrosis has forever changed our family. There are new things to worry about and hours-long daily treatments to keep them healthy. And the medical bills and fighting with the insurance has been pretty stressful. But the love and support our family has experienced during this tough time has been incredible. We feel so grateful to have so many people on our side.

with love,

the Solars


Gethrr Max 2

Gethrr Max

Project Recap // Winter item donations
posted on: January 20, 2015

Collaborating with other non-profits and finding out their passions is an inspiring way to start the year. For this project we teamed up with Adam Bruckner and his organization Philly Restart. Adam’s group has met on Vine St. every Mondaysince 2002 to offer good food and other services to the city’s homeless population.

It was so wonderful to be part of this project.  We not only collected a whole lot of winter items to give to the homeless but we also had an opportunity to dish out some homemade pasta, chicken hot dogs, and PB&J.

We helped serve the food and then brought out the donations.  Many of the homeless folks we met were able to use the stuff we brought, and the remaining items were given to the Salvation Army.

Gethrr.org feeds and clothes Philadephia's homelessThis was our setup on Vine Street, between 18th and 19th Street in Philadelphia.  If you’re interested in helping serve food please contact Adam.  They are out there every Monday from 4-5pm.

Gethrr.org feeds and clothes Philadephia's homeless(left) Going through the clothes   (right) A few of the volunteers with Adam (in green) from Philly Restart.


Donna’s fight with cancer
posted on: December 24, 2014

This month’s project is a little different, so we’re sharing on video. Please take a few minutes to watch Donna’s story below



If you’d like to give more to Donna she’d be very grateful.  You can do so here – http://bit.ly/1JQLKRd .  As you know, every little bit helps.

We’d like to send a HUGE thank you to Shane Scherholz for donating his time and talent to help create this video.

I also wanted to share a couple images taken of Donna and her daughter Elena.  They have a beautiful relationship and I’m grateful to have the chance to see it.



Happy Holidays!!

Michael McManus

Project Recap // Yarnell Community Garden
posted on: December 22, 2014

In September, our project was to provide geobins for the Yarnell Community Garden Project.  The Yarnell Hill Recovery Group selected the Communty Garden as an appropriate program needing support..  To remind you, in 2013 Yarnell was hit with Arizona’s deadliest wildfire.  The fire took the lives of 19 firefighters and destroyed 127 homes in the communities of Yarnell and Peeples Valley.

This past February Melissa and I we’re fortunate enough to volunteer there.  It was heart breaking to see what they’ve gone through and now it warms my heart that we’ve come together to give them something that will continually give as they rebuild.

We received this note from Frances, president of the Yarnell Community Garden Project.

Dear Members of Gethrr:

The members of the Yarnell Community Garden Project thank you for your thoughtful gift. The donation of your monthly collection helped us to move forward on a critical component of our work: our compost system. The new Geobins have not only simplified the work of transferring material from one section to another, they also make the Garden look better. We have found that keeping things tidy and orderly – or at least keeping that as an ongoing work in progress! – helps us to feel motivated and successful. The Geobins are another step in that process.

We are touched that Michael McManus remembered the needs and the people in Yarnell, and that his experience with us inspired him to suggest our community as a recipient of Gethrr’s generosity.

We wish you a joyous holiday season, and a profoundly beautiful 2015.

With deep appreciation,


Below are a few images we took when we were there in February.

Yarnell Recovery Group & Gethrr team up for a garden upgrade.

Yarnell Recovery Group & Gethrr team up for a garden upgrade.

Yarnell Recovery Group & Gethrr team up for a garden upgrade.

Yarnell Recovery Group & Gethrr team up for a garden upgrade.

The two images above the the two below were taken at the memorial created for the 19 firefighters who lost their lives to this fire.

Yarnell Recovery Group & Gethrr team up for a garden upgrade.

Yarnell Recovery Group & Gethrr team up for a garden upgrade.

Above are the before pictures of the compost system.  Below are the new geobins!

Yarnell Recovery Group & Gethrr team up for a garden upgrade.

Thank you again Gethrr community!  Your $1 made such a big impact on this community!


Project Recap // Honey’s Angels
posted on: December 3, 2014

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  We’re excited to be sharing our Honey’s Angels project with you.

We were fortunate enough get paired with a family of 15 who without your help wouldn’t have had a Thanksgiving dinner.  Myself, Melissa and our daughters had the opportunity to deliver the food to this family.  You’ll notice that we don’t have images of the family as we wanted to respect their privacy. You will get to see, however, some behind the scenes pictures!

Thank you Gethrr community for giving a wonderful family a lovely Thanksgiving dinner!

Below Cathy, founder of Honey’s Angels, would like to share a little bit.


When Michael McManus, founder of Gethrr with his wife Melissa, approached me about working with Honey’s Angels on their charitable project for November, I took to the Internet to see what Gethrr was all about. And immediately, I liked what I learned about this “community of givers connected to improve, inspire and impact positive change in the world.” These givers are exactly the kind of people who have made it possible for Honey’s Angels to serve more than 1,500 families in nine years. And giving is one of the best ways to describe Honey, the awesome lady who inspires the work of Honey’s Angels every day.

I conceived of Honey’s Angels in 2006, just a few short months after my mom—Helen “Honey” McVey—lost her brave battle against lung cancer. Although devastated and broken, I knew that I needed to carry on my mom’s legacy in a big way. Honey, as her name indicates, was a sweet, simple woman who spent most of her life in a tiny Philadelphia row home. She was a devoted wife, mother and grandmother; a devout Catholic; a caring neighbor; a gracious host; a generous friend; a reliable listener; a superior homemaker (cooking, cleaning, ironing—she was a master of it all). Honey was style, grace and class. She was also a whole lot of fun. And quite certainly, she was the greatest example of how to live that I will ever know.

So how would I carry on the legacy of this simple but extraordinary woman? A scholarship fund? No. A walk? Maybe. A Thanksgiving food drive? Absolutely.

Here’s why a Thanksgiving food drive made perfect sense: Honey often hosted large holiday gatherings in which she showered our extended family with warm and loving hospitality. She also made dinner nightly for various neighbors throughout the years. Before sitting down to our 4:30 p.m.-sharp dinner each afternoon, one of the five McVey children would deliver a heaping plate of food (think pot roast, meatloaf, pork chops and other comfort-food classics) to an elderly neighbor across the street, an ailing friend around the corner or the widowed uncle just a few houses down. And that’s how the idea of Honey’s Angels came to fruition.

When I embarked on this mission to carry on my mom’s legacy nine years ago, it was a small group of family and friends who rallied to provide 17 families with all of the ingredients necessary to cook Thanksgiving dinners similar to the ones my mom lovingly prepared each year. Now we provide food assistance for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and this year we’ll serve our 1,500th family thanks to the support of hundreds of friends and strangers, including the Gethrr community, inspired by Honey’s kind and compassionate ways. Our success simply would not be possible without our supporters’ extreme generosity and devotion to our cause. We are so proud to do what we do, and we do it all in the name of a woman who inspired us daily with small acts of kindness that made—and continue to make—major impressions.

Thank you, Gethrr, for your part in empowering us to continue Honey’s work.

Gethrr_Honey's Angels 01 Gethrr_Honey's Angels 02 Gethrr_Honey's Angels 03 Gethrr_Honey's Angels 04 Gethrr_Honey's Angels 05 Gethrr_Honey's Angels 06 Gethrr_Honey's Angels 07 Gethrr_Honey's Angels 08 Gethrr_Honey's Angels 09

Donate winter items!
posted on: November 5, 2014

For our January project we’re planning on donating winter items to the homeless in Philadelphia.  This means we are in need of donations!

We’re looking for the following items:

Winter Hats
If you have some of these items and would like to donate please email me at michael@gethrr.org for further information.

Anything and everything you could donate would be greatly appreciated!


Project Recap // People’s Emergency Center
posted on: October 23, 2014

On October 18th we completed a project with People’s Emergency Center in Philadelphia. PEC is an incredible organization that serves homeless families in a number of ways.  From the minute we pulled up with our SUV full of food donations, until the very end, everyone was very welcoming and nice.

Melissa and I loaded a huge red cart full of food donations and met Meg, a college friend of mine, who was volunteering that day with us.  Meg is the Marketing Manager at PEC which is how this project came to be.  It was so great seeing things from her perspective in the organization.  Meg then introduced us to Cass, PEC’s Community Outreach Manager.   It didn’t take long to discover that Meg and Cass are incredibly compassionate people whose hearts were in their work. Meeting devoted people like them is truly amazing.

After introductions, Melissa and I began assembling bags of food together for families who would be arriving shortly.  Fortunately we didn’t have to work alone.  Meg and two other volunteers, Jon and Shaheem, joined us.  I quickly nominated myself as the bag preparer. Double bagging was necessary and I knew I’d be good at that!  I barely kept up though.  I believe we ended up making over 50 bags for families in need of food relief!

One of the services we loved about PEC is that they accept, and give, more than just food donations.  We saw a room for families that have everything from children’s books to clothing in addition to the bags of food.

In the end, we donated all that we could. While it wasn’t much, it was still appreciated. I learned that some weeks, PEC has almost nothing to give. Every small contribution makes a big difference.  This is the whole idea Gethrr is built upon – that this community, while small and giving small, is still powerful and impactful!

We spent a couple of hours at PEC, but wish we could’ve stayed longer.  It felt, and still feels so good, to have given that time.  For those interested, please look out for volunteering opportunities through our projects.  We’d love to have you!



Gethrr donates to PEC in Philadelphia
Gethrr donates to PEC in Philadelphia
Gethrr donates to PEC in Philadelphia
Gethrr donates to PEC in PhiladelphiaGethrr donates to PEC in PhiladelphiaGethrr donates to PEC in Philadelphia Gethrr donates to PEC in Philadelphia

posted on: October 8, 2014

Transparency has always been important to us and this message is as transparent as it gets.

It’s been 8 months since we launched Gethrr and we’ve learned quite a bit.  First, we’ve learned that this is HARD.  People aren’t lining up and begging to give us a $1 month and volunteer their time, but those who truly understand what Gethrr is about and what we’re capable of are all in.  Because of this we’ve decided to focus on this mission by learning from the past year in order to continue to grow.

We are 180 members strong!

This is incredible, but it’s not enough.  We want Gethrr to be the largest single community of givers and do gooders in the world.  We want 1 million members.  Come again?  How many?


Are we crazy?  No.  There are far more than 1 million passionate, caring, and giving people in this world.  This is simply our initial goal for membership.  Our ultimate goal?  Let’s just get to 1 million first, shall we?

Imagine it.  Imagine all the incredibly amazing things we’d be able to do together each month .  Imagine the incredible difference we can make  together

The world needs all of us to work together because together we can accomplish so much more than any one individual.

The changes.

1. Our DoGood challenges:  We will be temporarily putting challenges on hold while we grow our membership.

2. The website: We are adding an FAQ section to help answer questions.  We believe this would be a great addition to the site for first time visitors

3. Member Suggestions: While we have had members reach out with ideas, we want to hear from more of you (all of you).  You know your community and what needs to be done.  Soon you’ll have an easier way to share them with us.

4. Corporate Support: Gethrr has been supported by individuals to this point and we will soon be making it possible  for businesses to get involved more easily. It will cost a little more than $1/month for a business to get involved, but we aren’t asking for a lot. Businesses will also have their information displayed on the Gethrr site so their customers can see their support for the community.

Here are some awesome ways YOU can help! 

1. Send questions you’d like to see on the FAQ section of the website.  No matter how obvious or obscure please send them along. Email us at to@gethrr.org.

2. While we work on the changes to our website please nominate someone in need or your favorite charity for a Gethrr project.  We don’t have a huge monthly budget for projects, but thats ok.  It’s not how much we can do that matters.  It’s just that we CAN DO.

3. Help us grow!  Ask your friends and family to join our community!  We need each and every one of you to change the world

4. Are you a fan of Gethrr on Facebook?  If not, like us!  If you are, and you aren’t a member yet, sign up!  It takes just minutes and we’d be so happy to have you as part of this community!

5. We would love a handful of volunteers to help with the following things that will ensure Gethrr continues to grow.

Writer:  We have a fantastic writer (thank you Raghav!) who has been helping us with our content but would love another writer to help lighten the load.

Project finders/sorters: Someone who will help seek out opportunities for projects.   This person can also help sort through the project ideas we have to help us make the best decision.

Web designers/developers:  Someone who can help us with website design changes and/or the development of those changes.

Gethrr’s private FB Group:  This is a group where we can talk with each other about everything Gethrr.  Ideas/feedback/suggestions/support.

If you’re interested please email me at michael@gethrr.org.

With Love,

Project Recap// Gearing Up
posted on: September 11, 2014

Late in July the Gethrr team got out to West River Drive for the 15.5 mile Interim House Ride Series to snap some pictures and lend a hand to the Gearing Up program. Six women in the program participated in the ride, and for one woman in particular this day meant more than getting in a good work out.

Gearing Up is a service to help women who have fallen on hard times. The program achieves this by simply teaching its clients how to properly maintain and operate a bicycle. This may seem trivial at first, but the process becomes a path to self-confidence and empowers their clients with a vehicle for self-improvement. After logging 100 miles, the women of the program earn a bike of their own. On this day Kelly reached that milestone – it was an accomplishment that meant more than earning a bike of her own, it meant she had taken a giant step toward overcoming the struggles of her past.

We were thankful to be on hand to capture this moment and many more on the rolling hills between Mt. Airy and East Falls. It was also gratifying to see the money donated by the Getthr community put to use in the water bottle cages, tubes and tire levers on each bike. Thanks to all who came out, and all who continue to support the Gethrr values and the belief that the little things do in fact make a difference.

Thank you to Gethrr member, Daniel Imperiale for the photographs!

2014-09-08_0001 2014-09-08_0002 2014-09-08_0003 2014-09-08_0004 2014-09-08_0005

DoGood Challenge #6 | Strange Love Note
posted on: September 8, 2014

This next challenge was inspired by a dear friend of ours, Josh Solar.  He has been doing this for quite some time and even does it with his children!  He’s an inspiration and you should definitely check him out.  JoshSolarLovesYou.com

Love Note Challenge



DoGood Challenge #5 | After You
posted on: August 13, 2014

After You Challenge

Project Recap // Pictures of Hope
posted on: August 7, 2014

In our latest project we worked with Pictures of Hope founder Linda Solomon to help homeless youth grab a hold of their dreams. Pictures of Hope is a program that works with shelters, like the Drueding Center in Philadelphia, to give children a fresh outlook on life by opening their eyes to new possibilities – through photography.

It wasn’t easy to get the kids to dream for a better life – it took awhile for them to see success as a possibility. When they did, the responses were honest and heartfelt. Some hoped for their mothers to get a job.  Some for a place of their own. Some children even wanted to help others and feed the homeless.

After a photography tutorial, the children were surprised with cameras of their own.  Their expressions were priceless. It didn’t take long before they started snapping away. Most of us from the Gethrr clan that volunteered are experienced photographers, so we offered to select and edit the final images. In November, Chapman Chevrolet will host a “Meet The Young Artist Reception” to celebrate the children’s photographs. They’ll be sold as holiday cards to benefit the Drueding Center.

A shout out to Linda and Pictures of Hope for bringing the program to Philly, the Drueding Center, who work with these children everyday, and Chapman Chevy owner Steve Wepryk and the volunteers from the dealership who pitched in.

A big thanks to all the Gethrr folks who came to volunteer their time. It was a blast, and we can’t wait to show off the final product of Hopes and Dreams envisioned by these amazing children.

The images below were provided my M2 Photography, Yana & Chita Photography, Katie Goss, and Richelle Thornton Photography.


Gethrr & Pictures of Hope 02

Gethrr & Pictures of Hope 01


Gethrr & Pictures of Hope 03

Gethrr & Pictures of Hope 07


Gethrr & Pictures of Hope 09


Gethrr & Pictures of Hope 08

Gethrr & Pictures of Hope 06

Gethrr & Pictures of Hope 05

“Our 7 year old daughters helped out too. Here’s a preview of Logan’s holiday card, with Ava and Bella. – Michael & Melissa McManus

Gethrr & Pictures of Hope 04

DoGood Challenge #4 | 10 Second Hug
posted on: July 10, 2014

Hug Challenge

Project Recap // The King Family
posted on: June 12, 2014

Cynthia King’s eyes glimmer behind stoic features. She spends her days working and returns home to look after her 7 children and young grandchild. Ms. King works tirelessly, but whatever the day may bring she takes solace knowing she is keeping a roof over her family’s head.

Recently that comfort was taken from her. On April 5th, the King’s home caught fire – a faulty electrical wire sparked a flame that destroyed mostly everything inside.

We take for granted the stability of a home. Waking up to a hot shower, having a place to sleep, the photos along the walls, even the clothes on our backs. For Cynthia and her family, all that vanished.

I first heard Cynthia’s story from Lisa Raedler, co-founder of Food for Thought – a non-profit that helps underprivileged kids in Philadelphia. Lisa is simply incredible. As soon as she heard about Cynthia she immediately reached out to us.

I met Cynthia and two of her boys at her sons’ school, Camelot Academy. Lisa and Howard Marcus, the school’s director of student services, were there as well. Howard is as equally incredible as Lisa. He knows what’s going on in the kids lives and always pays attention to their needs.

It didn’t take long to realize how deeply Cynthia cares for her children. Her husband passed away years ago, and while she speaks fondly of him, you can’t help but notice she could use the extra hand right about now. You could hear the pain in her voice as she recounted the hardships of the past two months.

While we cannot replace everything in their home we can still help.  We decided to give two months worth of donations to the family and supplied them with $326 in gift cards to Old Navy for new clothing. When I handed Cynthia the gift card she hid her face, trying not to cry.  I placed my hand on her shoulder and assured her they deserve this and so much more.  She and I both couldn’t hold back tears at that point.  It was an incredible moment, and a reminder that the little we’re able to offer can mean the world to someone else.

Thank you Food for Thought, thank you Howard, and thank you Gethrr community!


King Family

DoGood Challenge #3 | Appreciation
posted on: June 10, 2014

Appreciation Challenge

Looking for a volunteer to help with writing!
posted on: May 27, 2014

Morning Friends,

We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  We also hope you took a moment to remember men and women who lost their lives serving our country.  We’re incredibly blessed to have people sacrifice their lives to protect our way of life.

We need your help.  We’re looking for a talented writer (or two) to help write and proof read our content.  This would include our project blog posts and monthly newsletters mainly.  Please email us at to@gethrr.org if you’re interested.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful week!


Recap // The Jared Box Project
posted on: May 8, 2014

For this project we used your $1’s to buy supplies to fill Jared Boxes.  What’s a Jared Box?  A shoebox sized plastic box filled with small gifts, cards, games, and toys.  The goal of the Jared Box Project is to lift the spirits of chronically ill children.  The Jared Boxes provide a special diversion for young patients as they receive chemotherapy and other medical treatments.

Each box is made for a specific age and gender.  In this case, 6-8 year old girls.  We were thrilled to have a local girl scouts troop (Troop 702!) help us fill and decorate the boxes.   This worked out perfectly because their theme this month is making the world a better place.  Speaking with the girls about what we’re doing and why was wonderful.  They really understood how fortunate they are and how much they could help another little girl.

We also asked each of the girls a few questions about this project.  We’d like to share some of their answers with you.



The Jared Box Project 02

The Jared Box Project 01The Jared Box Project 03 The Jared Box Project 04

What was your favorite part of making these boxes?

Isabella: ” Putting the butterfly on the box. The girl who gets my box will like that”.

The Jared Box Project 05 The Jared Box Project 06 The Jared Box Project 07How does making a Jared Box feel, knowing you are helping a little girl your age?

Ally- “It makes me feel happy”

Julia- “It makes me feel good, happy, and nice”

The Jared Box Project 08


What do you hope the little girl feels when she opens your Jared Box?

Katherine- “I hope she feels really really happy”

Grace- “Happy and so surprised”

Kendal- “Happy and loved”

The Jared Box Project 10If you could tell those girls one thing, what would it be?

Bella- “We made them with love”

Ava- “You are beautiful”

DoGood Challenge #2 | Open Door
posted on: April 29, 2014


Open Door Challenge

DoGood Challenge #1 | Trash the Trash
posted on: March 31, 2014

It’s DoGood Challenge time!   We’re so excited to share our first challenge with all of you.  Patience though!  Before we get into the first challenge I’d like to take a minute to explain what these challenges are all about.

What are DoGood Challenges?
DoGood Challenges are simple acts of GOOD.  They are random acts of kindness minus the random part.  We believe that doing good is CONTAGIOUS and even the smallest act can create a ripple effect of good.  I’ll finish up with this wonderful quote from Amelia Earhart…

“No kind action ever stops with itself. One kind action leads to another. Good example is followed. A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. The greatest work that kindness does to others is that it makes them kind themselves.” 


Trash Challenge



What if I want to pick up more than one piece of trash?  Go ahead you overachiever.  The earth thanks you.



The Browne Family
posted on: February 10, 2014

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The Journey Begins!
posted on: February 9, 2014

Hello Friends,

Melissa and I have been waiting to this day for almost a year and a half.  There has been so many ups and downs but we’re so grateful to be at this moment.  We’re also grateful for all of those who’ve helped us along the way.  Melissa and I thank all of those wonderful people from the bottom of our hearts.  We’re humbled by your willingness to help.

So what is Gethrr?  We’re a community inspiring good and bringing together people to help those in need.  We make giving and doing good a part of our everyday lives.  If you haven’t had the chance to check out our video please do so now on our home page.  This will give you some more information!

Though we feel like victors for having come this far, we have much further to go.  Our initial goal is to grow our community to 1,500 people.  Lofty goal, right?  We know!  We’ve chosen this number because it will allow us to consistently do monthly projects which are a HUGE part of Gethrr.  Once we reach 1,500 members we will be able to do our next project.  You can find more information about what that is here.

So we ask you for help.  Will you be part of our community?  Will you take the pledge to make our world better one act of kindness at a time?  Will you help spread the word about Gethrr?  To make it easier feel free to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Michael McManus


Connect: Our Community

"Sometimes I wonder how I've come to deserve the life I have, and then I realize, I never "deserved" or "earned" anything; I lucked into it. Not everybody has had that fortune, and I don't know what kind of person I'd be if I let this discrepancy slide. By joining Gethrr I am consistently reminded that gratitude is not just a feeling, it's an action, and through Gethrr I really believe that if we all do what we can with what we have, we will see change."

- Lauren Greaves

"Gethrr is founded by people who deeply care. Join this community movement to help those in need and make your mark for good in the lives of others."

- Richie Norton

"A strong sense of community is lacking in our world today. We hide inside our homes, we hide our faces in front of our phones. And, it's sad. Gethrr is a chance for us to change all of that. Gethrr brings people together in our communities to make positive changes. Gethrr puts us out in the world, with a message of LOVE, and binds us together. Gethrr embodies what it means to be human."

- Josh Solar

"When faced with the task of doing good, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Who needs help? Where should I dedicate my time and resources? What need should I focus on first? Who else can I get to help?

Gethrr makes it possible for anyone to make a difference. Gethrr, at its core, is a community of people who take care of the needs in front of them. It is beautifully simple: give a dollar, make a difference."

- Graham Scobey

About us: Michael & Melissa

We’re Michael & Melissa.  We founded Gethrr with the help of so many others because we believe that people are good want to (and can!) make a difference. On the other side of that, people have needs. If we didn’t receive the help and support we needed after our twins were born, who knows where we’d be today. But it’s because of great, selfless people in this world – like Melissa’s parents – that our young family was able to get by and move forward. We are where we are now not thanks to ourselves, but because others saw in us an opportunity to help, and they took it. Gethrr is a community of good people doing good things.  Join Gethrr and let’s make the world a better place, together.

Contact Us